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Getting Started With Legion

Thank you for your patience while we set up new documentation. Anything you find here may be incomplete.

This is the homepage for the legion-starter-pack. If you just want to jump in, clone and build this repository:

git clone
cd legion-starter-pack
npm install
node testcase.js

This will run the test case with only one concurrent user. To run with many users (say, 50), try:

node testcase.js -n 50

You can edit the testcase.js file to do anything you need. But before you do, the legion-starter-pack also contains examples and documentation to help you succeed.

Background Information

Current status status of the project.

Learn more about my motivation for creating Legion.

A 2016 real-world case study about using Legion to test a proprietary binary protocol.

What are you trying to do?

Example 1: Create a basic test case with HTTP GET requests.

Example 2: Reuse a value from previous HTTP response in a later HTTP request.

Example 3: Pick a unique value from a small list of values, and submit it in an HTTP request.

Example 4: Build a test case with Selenium WebDriver.

Example 5: Measure the performance of ordinary async-await style programs using named sections.

Example 6: Build an SMTP testcase.